sons and daughters of neptune


Shaw Ballantyne

Commander of the Waste squadron and captain of Adrestia. Shaw came from a poor farming family in the Lothians and joined up to the navy as a boy to escape a life in the fields. He was on his way to becoming a master's mate when he was talent spotted by an observant captain, who pushed him to become a commissioned officer. His success as a naval officer has made it possible for his family to escape poverty and establish themselves in Edinburgh society.

Chance Dubois



Angus Ballantyne


Shaw's younger brother and an advocate at the Scottish bar. Despite the poverty of his origins Angus has been able to obtain an education and admission to the Faculty of Advocates through both his own talent and the financial support of his elder brother. Despite these early successes his career since has been a little disappointing, undermined both by his tendecy to cause insult wherever he goes and his increasingly radical politics.

Ophelia Hunt


Ophelia was born the daughter of a physician and spent an idyllic childhood scrapping in the narrow closes and courtyards of Edinburgh. When her father died leaving her penniless, she made a hasty and regrettable marriage that ended when her husband was killed in a duel. Her decision to give testimony for the defense during the murder trial that followed placed her at odds with her husband's family, in particular her brother in law. She has since remarried to her childhood best friend, James Durand.

James Durand


Former street urchin turned officer and gentleman.